managing groups

Managing Groups Essay Writing Assignment

Why Businesses Need to understand Managing Groups?

Managing groups is essential in business success!!

The importance of working together by managing groups and teams cannot be adequately emphasized; and at the center of the P-O-L-C framework for management is the element of managing teams and groups.

Effective team management is a skill that every team leader or anyone aspiring to lead a team must learn.

managing groups

A positive group experience

In one instance, we were supposed to create an Enterprise Architecture model for a certain business.

The idea was foreign to every one of us; but how we collaborated and delivered the model in time was remarkable.

We largely worked by the principle of adhering to a clear and common goal.

We were able to identify the small units that made up the goal and divided and distributed these units among the members.

Each member was able to see their contribution and how that would affect the overall goal.

Negative Group Experience

There was a time we were preparing a class presentation with fellow colleagues.

For a long while in the duration of the preparations, none of the members was able to deliver their part of the team contribution in time and each time it turned into a blame game!!!!

What we had missed was to ensure that we had adequate knowledge to accomplish the task given to us?

We were not able to capitalise on individual competencies to expedite the delivery of the presentation because we had not yet gathered enough knowledge on the task at hand.

I believe the other principle we were missing was an understanding of the big picture.

We were only focusing on individual failures and forgot that the individual failures meant the failure of the entire team.

We barely ever discussed how each member’s effort affected the other members’ performance and how we could have collaborated to achieve faster results.

If I were the leader of the group I would have done certain things differently to avoid such issues.

First, I would have discussed the task with each member and assessed their competencies against the task before distributing roles.

This would have ensured that we had the best people efficiently accomplishing specific roles.

Secondly, I would have emphasized the importance of each member’s individual contribution….

How it would have affected the other members’ performances and linked that to the bigger picture of the completed task?

This would have ensured that the team players do not only accomplish their individual parts of the assignment but also ensure that others accomplish theirs too.


Building effective teams isn’t just important – it is a must. If people work in a group and they do not adhere to the principles of effective teamwork, it becomes chaotic and even worsens individual performance.

Therefore, an effective team leader must seek to inspire trust, frankness, and a sense of the common goal among all the members.

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