Assignment help services and Challenges faced by Indian students

Assignment help services

Statistics reveal that the second largest number of  international students studying in Australia are Indian citizens who always need assignment help services.

This data was evidenced by a rise in the number of Indian student’s enrolment hence indicating the growing need for assignment help by this group of students.

The numbers rose from  33,000 in 2004 to 97,000 in 2009, as 45,000 came from urban and 32,000 from rural areas in India.

However, Inder Panjwani who is Secretary General of Australian Education Association stated that there was evidence that few Indian students studying in Australia were more likely to cancel their admissions in Australian Universities because of fear of attacks in 2008.

Why should International Students prefer assignment help services?

It is true that Australia offers one of the best education globally!

There is a need to focus on problems and solutions to enable students achieve their dreams in the University of their choice. Assignment help services have played a significant role in advising students on the right decisions on the way forward regarding their choices and security while studying in Australia. This is not only referred to Indian students alone but also to all students in foreign Universities.

One of the major constraints that Indian Students face while studying in Australian Universities is crimes related to assaults and robberies. According to Lauren Wilson in 2010, 120,913 students from India enrolled in 2007 and by 2009, 1,447 Indians had fallen victims of assault and robberies. This was because of the assumption of the Victorian police and lack of insecurity in the suburbs that almost all Indians live in. Apart from robberies and assaults, a student was stabbed later in November 2010  and he has undergone emergency surgery with 26 stitches, as police revealed racial motivation as the cause.

Loss of lives is one of the major challenges that Indian students studying in Australiaface as they lack government protection and interventions thus creating fear, which limits their educational success. For instance, several Indian student murders were continuously reported from 2009 to 2010, and this led to a number of student  protests to attract the government attention to ensure police and multicultural police sections.

Perry (2010) explains the scenario of a 21-year-old Indian student who was murdered in Melbourne as being the main reason for Indian student protest in 2010. Surprisingly, upon the protest, 18 protesters were arrested and they were reportedly given fines for inciting riots in the country. This serves as a clear indicator that Australian government takes no consideration about the rights and freedoms of Indian Students. This is disheartening and a clear manifestation of massive unfairness by the key authorities involved in the practice.

Assignment help services

Assignment help services

Why Studying in Australia requires media coverage and protection?

Over a long period, the media have been the core of information transmitted on various issues that affect the well being of individuals globally. Therefore, involving media is the number one solution to curb student  problems as it cast out real problems faced by the Indian students to sensitize the human rights and related organisations to take appropriate action. According to key education industry players, Bollywood, which is the largest labour union in Australia, should refuse to work until Indian student attacks are stopped or until policies offering protection of their rights are put I place for protection of their rights. This will alarm the Australian govern since national economy stagnates once the labourers stop working. There have been  suggestions that Indians should migrate in large numbers so that they be the largest nationality more than the Australian, China and UK citizen.

Does this sound manageable?

These suggestions have further been explained that this will increase their dominance in economic, social and political structure, hence the majority rules.

General Observations on Studying In Australia

It is surprising that even though Indian students are the second largest in Australian Universities, they are the most discriminated and despised. This scenario shows a development blindness by the Australian government, as they are unable to see and recognize the financial benefits and academic prestige Indians bring to their economy. The blindness comes as a result of problems that Indians go through without Australian government interventions. Problems related to robbery, poor living conditions and murders continue to lower the number of Indian students in Australian Universities. However, solutions such as immigration of IndianAssignment help services s to Australia in large numbers and Bollywood reactions are some of the major mitigation measures that others have tried to suggest in order to end constant attacks on Indian students. Careerassignment help service providers have seen that these issues and associated social problems have contributed also to some cases of lower performance by Indian students in Australian universities.

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